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Ayers Water Systems is Commerce Township's leader in reliable and affordable well drilling, repair and pump services. We are licensed and insured, and guarantee a professional job from start to finish. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality well service at the most affordable prices.

Water wells should be properly maintained and the water tested regularly to ensure the safety and quality of your water supply and to prevent the possibility of illness. Since 1970, Ayers Waters System continues to provide well service, pump replacement/repair and water conditioning services. Hence our motto, "We do all things well."

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Professional Well Drilling & Well Repair Services in Commerce Township, MI

Well Pump Service Commerce Township MI

If your property is positioned to be served by a well, Ayers has over 35 years of experience of drilling new wells for any sized property. We will install your new well with the best quality, parts, and components that include brass and steel underground connections and heavy duty, contractor-grade tanks backed by a 5-year warranty.

If your well or tank is losing pressure, our team can diagnose the problem for you and do any necessary repairs to your pipes and systems. We repair all types of wells from 2" to 6" specializing in submersible pump replacement, well cleaning, well chlorination, drop pipe replacement and underground leaks. We are also licensed to properly abandon unused wells and perform hook-ups to city water (if, for example, the well is no longer serving your needs).

At Ayers Water Systems, we know all of the permits required for well construction and abandonment in Michigan and are licensed and insured to do so. Our services don't stop there - we provide routine maintenance services, too!

Well Pump Installation, Replacement, & Repair Services

Our team can install new or replacement submersible and jet pumps, ranging from 1/2 hp to 7 1/2 hp in type. We are well equipped to install constant pressure systems to provide the same kind of pressure you expect from city water. If your well pump is not providing enough pressure, Ayers experts can repair or upgrade it.

Our team can also service and repair pressure tanks and leaks from any part of your well and pump system, even in emergency situations. All pump replacement and repair services are of the highest quality and installed with efficiency - we guarantee it.

Pressure Tanks

We service and install pressure tanks. We repair from minor to major leaks, and from recharging to replacing. Expert service, installation, set-up, removal and disposal of your old tank. Backed with a 5 year warranty on all brands including Well-X-Trol, Well- Mate, Pro-Source Plus, Perma Tank and State.

Always a 5-Star Experience

Very pleased with the level of service we received. Tad Ayers was very helpful and communicated technical terms with layman’s terms to assist us in picking the right type of service needed. Did not try to oversell! Candid, direct and provided outstanding service.* Mark R., Franklin, MI