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Have you noticed unusual smells or colors in your drinking water? Has your water started to taste funny?

While you may not see anything visibly wrong with your well, there are many possible hidden issues that require immediate repair to restore your water to a safe level of quality.

Foul smelling or oddly colored water is a strong indication that not only is there an issue with your well, but you may have an unsafe level of contamination. At Ayers Water Systems, we offer affordable well inspections where we can determine the source of your problem and provide the necessary repairs needed to restore your home’s water supply.

What’s Wrong with My Water Well? Common Well Problems and Solutions

Well Cleaning & Inspection in White Lake, MI | Ayers Water Systems - arrowNo Water or Low Water Pressure

It’s easy to take having running water in your home for granted. That is, until it’s suddenly gone! The most common reason for losing your home’s running water is a failed pump or power issue. If the circuit breaker that powers your pump is tripped, it will no longer get the power it needs to draw water from your pump to your house. Additionally, you may lose running water if an essential component in your water pump, such as the motor, suddenly fails.

Other water pump components may not result in a complete loss of water when they fail, but they will likely result in intermittent or low water pressure. A comprehensive inspection of your well will allow us to determine the exact source of your water pressure problem and provide the repairs needed to restore your water and return your life to normal!

Learn About Water Pump Repairs

Well Cleaning & Inspection in White Lake, MI | Ayers Water Systems - arrowDiscoloration or Unusual Smell

Water that is unusual in smell, taste, or appearance may be the result of a crack in your well, leaky pipe, or high water table. These issues allow untreated water and sediment to enter your water supply, which is often contaminated with dangerous bacteria and chemicals. Usually, water filtration systems alone are not enough to remedy the problem, and well repairs may be necessary.

Well Cleaning & Inspection in White Lake, MI | Ayers Water Systems - arrowDamaged Pressure Tank

A common cause of pump failure is due to a neglected pressure tank. If your pressure fluctuates rapidly when in the shower, or running a tap, your tank may need service. Our team is qualified to repair or replace all brands of pressure tanks including Well-X-Trol, Well- Mate, Pro-Source Plus, Perma Tank, and State, all with a comprehensive 5-year warranty. From minor leaks to major cracks, we offer expert service, installation, set-up, removal, and disposal of your old tank.

At Ayers Water Systems, we recommend the Goulds Water Technology HydroPro Water System Tank. This rugged, impact-resistant tank offers a consistent supply for even the most demanding water needs.

Learn More About the HydroPro Water System

The team at Ayers Water Systems, Inc. has been providing a complete range of well repair services for Michigan families and businesses since 1970. Our decades of experience make us a trusted choice for ‘everything well’ in Oakland County and the surrounding areas. Call us at (248) 891-0378 to schedule an appointment and we’ll have your water restored in no time!

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