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Ayers Water Systems sells and installs water filtration, water softening, and reverse osmosis systems for homeowners in the Springfield MI area. We are licensed and insured, and guarantee a professional job from start to finish.

Established in 1970 in Oakland County, Michigan, we specialize in well and pump systems, whole house water filters, water softening systems, and related services. Our experts can help with hard water problems, water filtration issues, taste problems, and upgrading well pumps to improve water pressure and volume.

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Springfield MI's Best Water Filtration & Water Softening Systems

Hard water is a problem in most of Oakland County, especially in well water. Hard water builds up in the pipes, causing blockages, and forms an unpleasant film on sinks and bathtubs that has to be scrubbed away, known as "limescale." It also affects your skin, making it dryer and causing you to have to use more soap. Ayers sells whole house water softener systems that remove much of this buildup and helps protect you and your plumbing from the deleterious effects of hard water.

Sterling IM Series Water Softener

Settings are easy to understand and use. Gives Water Filtration Systems Springfield MI - Ayers Water Systems - service_img3you the option of what time you want regeneration to take place. With the properly set time and program, you simply have to keep salt in it.

The six cycle WS1 Series valve is motor driven, there are no solenoids or diaphragms to stick or hang up. This is the most reliable system for consistent performance.

  • User friendly
  • Conserves water
  • Flexible
  • Reliable
  • Digital control display
  • Power outage protection
  • Warranty

Sterling High Efficiency Water SoftenersWater Filtration Systems Springfield MI - Ayers Water Systems - water_softener

Think Green!

Uses as little as 4 lbs of salt per regeneration. This represents a 33% savings compared to standard water softeners. Not only do you save substantial dollars, but you reduce the hassle of carrying salt.

HE (High Efficiency) water softeners utilize a revolutionary new resin that has higher kinetics resulting in less salt usage, greater softening capacity, better iron removal, and is more tolerant of chlorine.

Iron Filters

Control the iron in your home

  • Stop iron stains
  • Protect plumbing, fixtures, appliances and clothing
  • Eliminate the need for harsh chemical cleaners in showers, sinks, toilets and appliances
  • Protect your water softener from iron build up
  • Eliminates the need for iron-out salt
  • Reduces normal salt consumption, saving money

STERLING OXY2 SERIES Iron Reduction SystemWater Filtration Systems Springfield MI - Ayers Water Systems - iron-filter_1

The chemical-free solution for your toughest well water problems!

Whether it's rust stains in your sinks or the smell of sulfur every time you turn on the tap, your water problems can cause you more than frustration and embarrassment. They can damage your fixtures, discolor your laundry, or create an unpleasant odor in the shower.

STERLING OXY3 SERIES Iron Reduction SystemWater Filtration Systems Springfield MI - Ayers Water Systems - oxy3_iron_reduction

For homes with higher flow rates, a 2 tank system enables a continuous supply of iron free water with varying sizes available to accommodate your family's needs.

Reverse Osmosis Systems in Springfield MI

Reverse osmosis systems provide purified water right from your kitchen sink or refrigerator dispenser. They can be connected to your ice-maker providing crystal clear ice cubes and water purity unmatched by bottled water. Our R.O. drinking water systems use the latest in plastics technology to produce the most streamlined and user friendly R.O. systems on the market.

Hydrotech Aqua Flo Platinum R.O. Water Filtration Systems Springfield MI - Ayers Water Systems - QCRO_picture

The innovative QC twist and lock design makes services simple. Twist off the old cartridge and twist on the new.

No messy sump removal. Aqua Flo Platinum QC systems make drinking water better and easier.

Sterling DWSB SeriesWater Filtration Systems Springfield MI - Ayers Water Systems - drinking_water2

Uses readily available standard size cartridge keeping filter replacement costs down. Available with booster pump to purify systems with higher levels of contaminants.


  • Delicious, sparkling-clear drinking water.
  • Pristine, flavorful coffee, tea and juice.
  • Cleanly rinsed fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Crystalline, harder and clearer ice cubes.
  • Better tasting soups, sauces and meals when prepared with R.O. water.
  • Cost effective. The daily cost of bottled water will no longer be a concern.
  • Convenient. Fresh, clean water, ready at your tap.

Ayers Water Systems serves customers throughout Oakland County with highly-trained technicians and only the best parts to make sure that your water needs are met. Contact us today to get started!

Always a 5-Star Experience

Very pleased with the level of service we received. Tad Ayers was very helpful and communicated technical terms with layman’s terms to assist us in picking the right type of service needed. Did not try to oversell! Candid, direct and provided outstanding service.* Mark R., Franklin, MI